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Ladies take centre stage at Golf Costa Adeje

May 16, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Events, Sport

Nikki GarrettLadies golf is thriving, the sport is well organised, heavily sponsored and receives hours of television coverage. This year the Tenerife Ladies Open returns to Golf Costa Adeje from June 19 to 22 and it promises to be bigger and better than ever.

The Canary Islands has produced several top professional players and they will be joined from countries around the world as 120 of the best ladies compete for 40,000 euros of prize money. Last years champion Australian Nikki Barrett (left) will return to defend her crown but it will be a tough contest. The action starts on June 17 with a training day, followed on the Wednesday 18 with a Pro Am tournament. The competitive action starts on June 19 with the first round, half of the players will be eliminated at this stage with the remaining 60 battling on during the next 3 days to decide the winner on Sunday June 22.

Once again the Golf Costa Adeje course will impress an international field, with it’s ravines, stone walls and natural features as it slopes down towards the Atlantic and those stunning views out to the island of La Gomera. Good luck ladies, and enjoy your visit to this very special part of Tenerife.


Even Hell is a pleasure in Adeje

May 15, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Attractions

Visitors to the old town of Adeje sometimes find the steep streets a little testing, as for others, they just can’t wait to move on to something even more challenging. The Barranco del Invierno (Hells Gorge) is the deepest barranco in Tenerife and a wonderful 3,125 metre return walk of around 3 hours. The level of difficulty is about medium, there is no climbing, just some uphill walking and a few tricky crossings over the stream. All you need are some sturdy shoes, water, a camera and some common sense.

Barranco del Invierno

Adeje council are rightly proud of this famous walk, and are careful to look after it. There is a small entry fee of 5 euros to cover upkeep and 6 multi lingual guides out on the route offer help and information on the history and nature of the area. On weekends and holidays you may have to queue to go on the walk, as they carefully monitor the amount of people out there at the same time.

So, let’s delve down into the barranco and the past of Tenerife to see the true rural face of the island. The start point is at the top of the town at Calle Los Molinos, just past the old castle, where the canon is still on guard. Once on the tight winding path, the views are stunning as a low barrier is all that seperates you from a sheer drop on one side. The path is very testing with cobbles, loose gravel and stones, so you need to keep alert. As returning walkers reach you, squeezing against the rock side becomes habit forming but there are several small viewpoints along the way to take a breather and some photos or even eat a few sarnies. This is a good time to spot the old stone water channels that run alongside the path, they date back around 400 years.

Moving on, a stream starts to bubble up and run close by, sometimes the path crosses it, and depending on the recent weather, the stream can be quite fast. The steep sides of the ravine rise at this point and close in making the bird song eerie and resonant. A marshy clearing and a small waterfall, before the path moves on, and the river gets deeper, just before the climax of the walk.

Turning a last leafy corner, the sides of the gorge open up to reveal a large steep sided cave with rock stacks leaning inward. There is a patch of blue sky high above but a 200 metre high waterfall cascading down the cave wall from a gash in the rock, and into a pool by a shingle beach, is enough to distract any upward interest. It’s like being cupped in the hand of nature.

The cave opening is a good place to take a break before retracing your steps, and usually at least one of the guides will be there to explain the history of the area. Basically, 11 million years ago, 3 volcanic peaks were continually erupting but when they stopped 7 million years later, the lava flows formed the barranco. With that history lesson taken on board, the return hour and a half trip will seem like a mere blink of the eye. It helps knowing the familiar landmarks as you go back to the start, this time you can relax a bit and snap a few more photos of the lovely plants and flowers or the paragliders swooping overhead on the thermal currents.

La Enramada beach to get a 11 million euro facelift

May 13, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Beaches, News

La Enramada

Between Bahia del Duque and La Caleta, the beach of La Enramada is about to take on a new look. The Costas coastal authority has pledged 11 million euros to upgrade the area and add green spaces and new sand to the large pebbles that currently dominate the beach.

It’s a controversial plan as there has already been a backlash against the closure of El Chiringuito, the small white sand area at the La Caleta end, where sun bathing, beach volleyball and chilling are the order of the day around a small beach bar. Some 10,200 signatures were collected against the plans to change the area. This was before the full extent of the makeover for the whole area was known, but there promises to be a lot more discussion between the two sides as the plans begin to move forward.

Three stages have been set out for the project. The first will involve a detailed study of what can be done, including some calming of the sea, possibly with dykes, to tame the big waves that can rise up there. Secondly, the intention is to build a promenade from the Costa Adeje Palace Hotel to La Caleta. Thirdly, and the most expensive part of the project, is the plan to build an urban park with green and sporting areas.

Keeping all parties happy will be a delicate balancing act, and changes are sure to be made to the original intentions along the way but after much discussion, it seems that Costa Adeje is about to embrace a new era of development.

Costa Adeje, where anything is possible

May 13, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Beaches, Events, General, Shopping, Sport

Welcome to Costa Adeje, one of the fastest growing, fastest changing and most diverse of all the regions in Tenerife. This south west corner may delight you, challenge you, even frustrate you at times, but it will always surprise you.

The contrasts are amazing, from the long established, young and brash nightlife of Playa de Las Americas to the up market designer shops and hotels of Fanabe and Bahia del Duque, and on to the develoing coast of La Caleta and the fishing village beyond, Costa Adeje is never afraid to change. Moving inland, Golf Costa Adeje

Shopping takes on a new dimension in Costa Adeje, whether it be dipping into the book and craft fairs in Adeje old town or name dropping designer labels at Gran Sur and Plaza del Duque. If you want something a little unexpected, you can find a multi screen cinema, beach volleyball or a centre of sports excellence. The main motorway passes through so you are only a short drive from the south airport or a direct route up north to the Tenerife capital, Santa Cruz.

No two visits to Costa Adeje are ever the same, there is always something to discover, and it is our pleasure to help point you in a few interesting directions. Feel free to add your comments and suggestions and share youur favourite places with those that follow in your foot steps.

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