He may be small, but Aristides Moreno is pretty big in the Canary Islands. The whimsical singer from Gran Canaria, is a welcome visitor to Tenerife on Friday November 14, when he performs a FREE unplugged concert at Faro Chill Art.

Aristides Moreno

Aristides has a bizarre sense of humour that has won him many fans, although the title of his latest LP, Submerged Economy, may be a little too near the truth in the current climate. The appearance is part of a promotional night that includes fashion, design and Canarian food, something for every taste really.

For those yet to discover Faro Chill Art, it is in the Commercial Centre Torviscas Costa, close to the Hotel Niña, where 24 hour parking is on hand. Aristides is due on stage at 11pm but get in earlier and sample the other attractions of this stylish lounge bar.