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Baobab Domains Bring Five Star Living To Costa Adeje

Dec 22, 2011 Author: admin | Filed under: Developments

To make an impact in Costa Adeje a new development needs to offer something special, well Baobab Domains have designed a new level of luxury with homes that celebrate the architects craft inside and out.

A range of 40 apartments and penthouses will be visually stunning, functional, and eco friendly. This new standard is not just lavished on the biggest and most expensive apartments, judge them by the smallest, they extend over 8 metres at the front and share the guaranteed sea views of this prime stretch of coast.

Maybe you would expect the bathrooms and kitchens to take second place to the living rooms, well not in Baobab Domains, their stylish lines and clever use of space and lighting all add to the overall effect. The communal areas throughout the four levels continue the theme with equally impressive gardens, terraces, a pool bar, and a club house.

After sales management ensures that the look and value is maintained to keep the owners and tenants fully satisfied. Low energy and low emissions are just two more features to make this a next generation development. Investing in this sought after area of Tenerife has never been so attractive, just browse through the figures and images and enjoy five star living at its best.




From Sea To Tap Via The Green Route In La Caleta

Mar 17, 2011 Author: admin | Filed under: Developments

Cool, clear drinking water, we take it for granted but even on an Atlantic island like Tenerife it’s not always easy to keep supplies matched to the increasing demand. So full marks to the Adeje Ayuntamiento (council) for installing Spain’s first underground desalination plant in La Caleta.

Yesterday the new plant was officially inaugurated and it really is something to be proud of. Initially it will produce 10,000 cubic metres a day of clear water from the sea water that is taken in, once into its stride that figure will rise to 20,000 cubic metres per day. In consumer terms that means it can produce up to 40% of the drinkable water required by the Adeje area.

Operated by Acuala-Entemanser it is state of the art in eco terms, the whole plant is underground so it doesn’t detract from the rugged natural charms of La Caleta, a charming fishing village on the coast. Power needs have also been taken into the equation, the plant can re-use 60% of the power needed to drive it, making it one of the most efficient of its type. Next time you raise a glass of water in Adeje say cheers to the new technical addition.

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Green shoots for Costa Adeje

Jun 1, 2008 Author: admin | Filed under: Developments, General

Now that work has started on the beachfront upgrade in La Caleta, more details have been released of the large green park and leisure area that will be a key part of the project. The Las Nieves park, just behind La Enramada beach, will cover 27,000 square metres and feature special areas for different types of flowers, plants and even vegetables, as well as lots of open space for walkers to enjoy.

Flowers and Cactus

At a cost of 1,900,000 euros, special efforts will be made to bring together some of the best examples of the Canary Islands flora, to create a natural area to compliment the steady development of this popular area of the island. Palm trees and other varieties will ensure shady protected areas and more exotic species like sugar cane will also be grown, and new strains of vegetables. The plans have been drawn up and some of the ground work is already underway, the planned completion date is Spring 2009, it should be well worth the wait.

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