Siam Front

Shrieks of pleasure, gasps of admiration and the frantic click of cameras rung out across Costa Adeje as a dream became reality. Yes, It’s official, Siam Park has arrived. The water kingdom theme park received its inauguration last night in the company of politiicians, business leaders and media from right across Spain. The 185,000 square metre site has been taking shape since 2002 and is a flagship for tourism in the south of Tenerife.

Siam Thai

Crowds gathered outside awaiting the arrival of special guest the princess of Thailand, Maha Charkri Bishop of TenerifeSirindhorn, to cut the floral ribbon, before that, the Bishop of Tenerife blessed the park as the crowds admired the imposing exterior. Once inside, the thai theme rang out loudly as colourful temples and guards, not gods, great care has been taken to show due respect to Thai history, dominated the skyline. Performers in traditional dress added a touch of style in the Thai village, the largest outside of Thailand, sealions lounged in the entrance pool and the longest and highest lazy river meandered through the parkas guests explored.

A party of local youngsters eagerly tried out some of the 14 rides, revelling in the warm recycled sea water. The tower of power was the biggest challenge with its 28 metre steep water chute, many looked on in awe through the glass tank where the chute becomes a sealed tube whooshing the rider through a sea of fish and out into a splash pool. Similar thrills awaited on the dragon and volcano with an inflatable raft carrying riders through a maze of tubes and into another splash pool, life guards were ready for them to guide them to a safe stop.

Siam Dragon

As the sun set, the view over the park and beyond Las Americas to sea, took on a magical light and guests headed to the 5,000 square metre imported white sand beach for the speeches by local dignitaries. The torches burnt around the wave pool, where man made waves of up to 3 metres will delight surfers, and the pagoda like restaurant was a focal point that along with 4 other bars and restaurants, will feed the estimated 7,500 visitors a day the park expects. Fireworks tore through the night sky to round off the evening, and many were already planning return trips with their families when the park opens to the public tomorrow, Wednesday September 17.

  • Open daily from 10 am to 6 pm
  • Adults 28 euros (residents 25 €) book on line 26 euros
  • Children 3 to 11 years 18 euros (residents 16 €) book on line 17 euros
  • Twin Tickets Loro park & Siam Park
  • Adults 49 euros (residents 39 €) book on line 46 euros
  • Children 33 euros (residents 25 €) book on line 31 euros